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The Aga Khan Hyderabad Model United Nations 2019

30 September 2019

The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad Model United Nations (AKAHMUN) which is a simulation of the United Nations was held from Saturday 21st September to Monday 23rd September 2019. The event was attended by the Academy teachers and staff and saw active participation from students studying the Middle Year Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP) at the Academy.

AKAMUN provides a platform for students to learn the art of diplomacy by fostering communication, negotiation and leadership skills. “The Model United Nations at the Academy is not only about debating but is a debate with a purpose,” said Miss Koel Ray, The Senior School Principal. Delegates who participated in this three-day event were seen engrossed in serious discussions and debates on various pressing global issues such as climate change, child rights in the middle eastern region, issues of internal peace in the Kashmir conflict and many more.

Opening Ceremony

The audience of the AKAHMUN's opening ceremony was mesmerized by a beautiful classical dance performance by Tanya Verma. This was followed by an introductory speech delivered by the chief guest, Mr Malik Kotadia, Director for External Affairs –Asia & Middle East. Mr Kotadia spoke about pluralism and the importance of ethics. Later, the Director-General of the AKAHMUN, Aashraya Dutt, spoke about her very first MUN and her emotional journey to becoming a firm and ambitious woman that she is today. 

The AKAHMUN was then declared open by none other than the young and powerful Secretary-General, Anahita Aman, who confidently banged the gavel and officiated the start of the 10 committees!

New Committees 

This year's iconic AKAHMUN was from 8th grade through 12th grade as there were four new additions, thus creating new opportunities for the delegates and the chairs. The four new committees were the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Joint Committee Crisis, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the African Union. These committees diversified the entire experience as it included regional committees tackling global issues such as the African Union solving the South Sudan Crisis - a crisis that happened nearly two months ago! 

The Joint Committee Crisis, on the other hand, was a time travel back to the 1960’s when John F. Kennedy was the President and a threat of the Cuban missile crisis was prevailing at the time. 

Meanwhile, the Security Council had extremely young and talented debaters that tackled complex issues like the Kashmir Conflict and the Human Rights Council dealt with child rights as there are currently still child labourers in countries like Jordan and Yemen. 

From the Press

The Economic and Social Council, and The Disarmament and Security Council were actively involved with the International Press (IP). The IP played a significant role as they exposed classified information about the delegates and were also instrumental at helping the Chairs significantly. “Wherever the journalists and photojournalists would go they would always find loopholes in interviews, and statements made during the sessions as they were extremely attentive and paid attention to even the slightest mistake a delegate made.” said the Chief of International Press, Arshi Lalani of DP2. This made the entire experience of Model United Nations quite challenging and extremely intimidating. 

Day 2

With sleepless nights amid morning crises, the entire MUN crew which included the chairs, delegates, journalists, photographers and the core members were up at 3 AM getting ready to take the Model UN to another level!

Then came the most awaited press conference day in the history of the Aga Khan Model United Nations! Day 2 only got more challenging as some delegates were asked such difficult questions back-to-back by journalists. But these delegates who stood undeterred responded with confidence to every allegation made against them and to every finger raised at them. The support they received from the chairs, was commendable!

The Joint Committee Crisis Director for US cabinet, Gitika Joganpally said: “This was the best and first press conference with a crisis in the history of AKAHMUN”. Gitika who is also the AKAHMUN delegate trainer was amused and proud at the responses received from the delegates during the Press conference. 

Day 3

The third day was rather emotional as chairs say goodbye to their last Aga Khan Academy Model United Nations since it is their last year in school. Aashraya Dutt (DP2) bids farewell to her duties as Director-General and Rithvik Kesani (DP2) who is the Charge d’affaires gave an emotional speech about his experience and his journey with the Core team. 

The MUN Coordinator Ms Afeera Maryam without whom this event would not even be possible said some wise words from a very famous poet Dylan Thomas “Do not go gentle into the good night - rage, rage against the dying of light” and in the perfect moment Anahita Aman Secretary-General declared The Aga Khan Academy Model United Nations 2019 closed! 


Written by Arshi Lalani and photographs by Anushka Martin