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16 October 2020

I have vague memory of waking up an hour and half before my bus was supposed to pick me up for the first day of school. Maybe it was the fact Mr. Aaron, during my interview, had told me that I will be an asset to their institution and I was determined to prove him right. Albeit, I did not know what asset had meant at that time, all I knew was that I had to make the best first impression possible. It’s been almost 9 years since that day and yet, every day I go to school, I do so with the same excitement and energy to do well.

When I came to The Aga Khan Academy, the school was still in its early stages. I remember participating in my first ever play, “Under the Sea”, as a fish and being proud of having memorized every single word of the songs the choir were supposed to sing. I remember being selected for the Student Council in my very first year. When I was in grade 5, the swimming pool had started and I remember the excitement amongst all the grades when they had their first swimming classes. I remember when the Junior School playground was being built and we would sit on the top of the structures and spend time with our friends. My point is, I might not remember all my academic achievements, but I remember the feelings I have felt along the way. I am grateful for how much the school has taught me, academically, but I am more grateful for the feelings of pride, exited nervousness and pure joy.

I went from preparing for the PYP Project to presenting my Personal Project and to working on my Extended Essay. I have learnt to care about not just the wonderful people I have met along the way, but also about the people all around the world. I have become an activist through learning and having to work closely with issues of not just humanitarian, but also of international concern. I was encouraged into public speaking and debate, and I was deliberately put in uncomfortable situations and for that, I am so glad. I have become heavily invested in public speaking events such as the Model UN and I have learnt how to deal with uncharted territories. I remember the little girl that walked in the gates of a huge school, scared and nervous. I see myself now, and I know I have grown up into someone who is able to look at the huge world and feel confident about my ability to do well in it.  


Khushi Hajiyani