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06 July 2020

Hi! I am Nakshatra Reddy, I joined the Aga Khan Academy last year and am part of the Class of 2021. I am a residential student and live in the dorms. Though this was an experience new to me, it was because of the friendly nature of our staff members and my classmates that I was made to feel at home from the very beginning. Truth be told, I really didn’t want to go back to my own home during the break! 

Each and every teacher was extremely supportive towards me, especially because I was experiencing some trouble with adjusting to the new curriculum. I have come from a CBSE school and the IB curriculum was very new to me, and I didn’t know how to overcome it initially. But, with an effective plan put together by my teachers, everything began to fall into place. Each and every teacher raised my confidence by telling me that “I can do it”. They went over and beyond of what was asked of them and helped me understand my course work. I feel far more confident of doing well in the IB now than I did when I first arrived. 

From a personality development perspective, I was not comfortable speaking in a public arena. I was petrified to stand in front of everyone and speak! I remember getting chills and got really nervous when asked to speak in front of others. Fast forward, it was the month of AKAMUN (Aga Khan Academy Model United Nations) and everyone had to take part. I was really nervous to participate as a delegate, so I had decided that I would go home till AKAMUN was completed!  But, something beautiful transpired that changed who I am. Our seniors who were organizing the event sat with me and patiently explained that there is nothing to be worried about and gave me the self-confidence to take part as a delegate. It wasn’t only the students but even the teachers motivated me to take part. This experience of care and support was new to me and I greatly appreciated all of it. This was a boost to my character and instead of running away, like I had initially planned, I took part in the AKAMUN as a delegate. On the very first day of the event I had bits of fear inside me and the when the Committee started and I was asked to speak, I recalled all the motivating conversations and the support I had from my peers and faculty. I spoke and what I now recall is the applause in the end. At the Awards Ceremony, I was awarded ‘Honorable Delegate Award’, I was speechless! It dawned on me the importance of my environment and the impact of those who have helped shaped me at this institution. 

I am also a dancer and being at AKAH, I was and continue to be encouraged to showcase my talents. Before coming here, I had never performed a ‘solo performance’ in my life but a competition held in school gave me the opportunity. I have now taken part as a solo performer, and taken contemporary dance form as an art and showed my skills to everyone at school. I dance for it makes me happy and to dance competitively has allowed me to find a new path to self-discovery. This school has made given me the opportunity to learn new things, encouraged me in different ways, simply saying this school has brought out the best in me isn’t enough. 

As a new student, who arrived last year, I feel privileged that my parents picked this school for me. I am proud to be at AKA Hyderabad.

Nakshatra Reddy