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Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad Model United Nations returns

21 October 2020

Dear Distinguished Delegates,

On behalf of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad Model United Nations, it is my honour to invite you to the 5th annual Model United Nations. This year the AKAHMUN would be held from the 30th of October till the 1st of November. Model United Nations offers deep insight into International affairs, foreign policies and allows delegates to get a different perspective on current affairs. It aims to provide a platform for international exposure and better understanding of the world related issues and offer solutions for any global issue. The AKAHMUN’s purpose completely goes hand in hand with the Academy’s vision as it targets to develop ethical young leaders and develop a pluralistic outlook.

Despite the current lock down situation, our team is working tirelessly to create an engaging learning experience for all of you, and promises to provide a climate filled with diplomacy and negotiation. The AKAHMUN is not only a conference that benefits you academically, considering your opportunity to expand your knowledge on current affairs and improve communication and critical thinking skills, but it is also your chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds and create incredible memories. Within these three days, you will find yourself placed in the shoes of international advocates- striving to address and resolve challenges faced in this current socio-political environment, which is extremely unique.

I started my Model UN Journey six years ago in DISEC as the Delegate of Latvia. After my very first MUN, I was captivated by the experience I gained. Since then, I have been attending conferences and learning something profound in each session! During this journey, I have realized that MUN empowers you to take a stand for yourself and speak on issues that bother you. Hence, I encourage you all to participate in Model UN. To conclude, I would like to persuade you all to apply, engage in a discourse and create solutions for a better tomorrow. All the very best for the conference!


Saharsh Chowdhary,

Secretary General