Welcome to back to a new academic year! | Aga Khan Academies

Welcome to back to a new academic year!

09 August 2021

With a fairly large number of new teachers and students, the Aga Khan Academy Maputo began its new academic year online on 9 August 2021.  

The students’ first week at the Academy was titled “Building Relationships”, with the aim of allowing teachers to establish bonds with their students. This time was also taken to let teachers understand the students’ expectations of different subject groups and what they are most interested in doing. 

Students were guided through essentials, such as the Academy’s timetable, attendance, online teaching and learning practices and more to prepare them for the week. Gradually by the end of the first week, students were introduced to the first unit of the curriculum. “So, a slow pace but very important to understand the pulse,” said Middle Years Programme Coordinator Ms Smita Gangola. “It is key we awaken and sustain their interest and appetite to learn,” Ms Gangola said. 

Although all lessons will be conducted online, the Academy has made sure to prioritise students’ overall well-being. Some of the online lessons will build in warm-up activities or activities at the far end of the lesson so that students can take a break from their screen time. “We must constantly reach out and ensure we have our students happy and engaged,” Ms Gangola said. “Screens are not barriers to our thinking and emotion, but just another tool in the making to express ourselves freely, comfortably and safely.”