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Virtual museum visit to Aga Khan Museum, Toronto

04 March 2020

On 18 February, 2020, students of Grade 7 had the unique opportunity to have a virtual visit to  Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada. This virtual visit presented students with an opportunity to explore an exhibition titled Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time. It shed light on Africa’s rich history, educating the students about the spread and historical influence of the Saharan trading communities that connected Africa and Europe.

A first for many of the students, they found the concept of visiting a museum virtually very exciting. Through the virtual experience they were able to learn more about African history and the different communities that carried out commerce and exchange along trade routes.

During a reflective session after the tour, the students shared their observations and comments. They thoroughly appreciated how African culture is being displayed to an international audience outside of the continent.

Following a reflective session, students had a virtual chat with the curator of this exhibition, Dr. Michael Chagnon. He explained the idea behind the creation of this exhibition and the different people who were involved. Students joined in to raise questions about the exhibition’s technology, it’s journey and also provided feedback based on their experience.

Bernardo Arsenio, their Integrated Humanities teacher explained how this exhibition is part of a unit which students will cover in the coming weeks. “This virtual visit coupled with the video conference with Dr. Chagnon has impacted the way students look at African history. I am certain this will aid with topics that we will cover in the future,” he said.