Taking learning online despite school closure | Aga Khan Academies

Taking learning online despite school closure

27 March 2020

The COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus outbreak continues to cause governments and municipalities to close schools across the globe. Choosing not to halt teaching and learning, the Aga Khan Academy Maputo has turned to online learning in order to stay on track with students’ curriculum. As of Monday, 23 March, 2020, students have been logging in online to complete activities, exercises and worksheets set by their teachers.

Even before the announcement of school closures from President Nyusi, teachers were hard at work planning for the weeks of online learning to come. They shared and discussed various approaches which they would go on to implement via e-learning for the Primary Years as well as Middle Years Programme.

Students have been solving math problems, sharpening their language skills and understanding scientific concepts all from the comfort of their homes. Adilia Cabral, a teacher from the Middle Years Programme shared that while online learning may seem quick and simple, a great deal of planning goes behind it, especially for teachers. Adilia is among an entire staff of teachers that logged-in along with students on Monday morning to support and aid students through their activities.

A first for many students at the Academy, e-learning is helping students stay on course with the curriculum while providing a method that allows students to learn at their own a pace. Some students found the new system challenging while some of them are enjoying the new opportunities it has provided them. Yurdine Chimbutane (Grade 7) says, “E-learning has made research tasks more interesting than before. I am enjoying analysing more information with the extra time available.”

Looking forward, Muskan Nayani (Grade 7) shared that she is finding online learning interesting as it is allowing her to solve problems and hopes that it will teach her how to work independently.  Her colleague, Prithi Chandulal (Grade 7) is hoping that e-learning will give her more time to look at tasks in an in-depth manner which will help her enjoy learning in a whole new way.