Renowned Mozambican journalist chats with Grade 8s | Aga Khan Academies

Renowned Mozambican journalist chats with Grade 8s

01 March 2021

On Thursday, 25 February, renowned Mozambican journalist Armando Inguane spoke to the Aga Khan Academy Maputo's Grade 8 students during their Portuguese Language and Literature class on journalism and the media.

Through a virtual session, the students learned more about journalism, journalist texts and the media in general. This was supplemented by students being able to ask questions and interact with Armando. 

"The visit went very well," said Grade 8 student Thayaka Mutemba. "Due to circumstances of the pandemic we were not able to interest physically with Mr Inguane, but we did in a way through our virtual session. We asked questions and he answered in great detail allowing us to learn more about the work of journalists and how journalism works." 

Armando  a journalist since 2001 and currently an analyst and advisor in communication matters in the project Inform the World through CanalMoz, an announcer at Rádio KFM and editor-in-chief of the TV news on the same channel – said he was impressed by the inquisitive students and their desire to learn more about journalism.

"The class was very fruitful as it was full of questions posed by the students, which showed how prepared they were to approach the subject." 

This opportunity to interact with Armando not only helped the Grade 8 students learn more about journalism but also learn more about how to engage themselves with it in the future as well.

"Armando Inguane has undoubtedly left our students at ease with his charismatic and patient way of being," said Grade 8 teacher Adilia Cabral. "He answered all of the questions clearly, including real-life examples from day to day, to make it easier for students to understand. And he left interesting tips for those who want to pursue a career in journalism."