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Reading Workshops

01 February 2014

On Tuesday 28th and Thursday the 30th of January reading and writing workshops were run by class teachers at the school for parents.

The aim of the workshops was to share with parents how we introduce and develop these key skills across the curriculum both in English and Portuguese. Another focus for the workshops was to give parents ideas and strategies for how they could support their children’s development in these key areas at home.

The workshops began at 15:45 with a short presentation by the teachers. Following this, there was a question and answer session where parents could ask any questions and clarify any doubts.
It was great to see so many parents sign up for the workshops.

Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work and to all parents for their support.

We will run several more workshops during the course of the year focussing on different aspects of the curriculum or school life and we look forward to seeing you at them.