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Parents' coffee session on ManageBac

02 September 2022

The Aga Khan Academy Maputo hosted its first coffee session for the new academic year with all Senior School parents on how to navigate ManageBac, a platform that parents can use to get details of the subjects, attendances and timetables of their children, along with keeping a track their child’s progress.

The session was led by the Academy's new Senior School (SS) Principal Emmanuel Niyibizi, and was joined by the Head of Academy Andrea Spinner for introductory notes.

"At AKA Maputo, we recognise the importance of our parents' partnership in education," SS Principal Emmanuel Niyibizi said. "Organising the workshop on ManageBac allow us to ensure clear and ongoing communication with parents. This can solidify our connections and relationships to the benefit of our students and the school community in general." 

In addition, the session was supported by the Academy's IT department to help parents get acquainted with the platform and troubleshoot any technical issues. Many continuing and new parents participated and felt very reassured after attending the session. 

"I always knew that ManagBac is a very effective tool, but now I know by using it how I can really track the progress of my child to better support him," said Jeannie Shana, parent of a Grade 9 student.

The session ended with the head of Academy leading a tour of the Academy's new kitchen facilities that will be functional for the whole school community in a month’s time.