Mozambican Children's Day 2021 | Aga Khan Academies

Mozambican Children's Day 2021

03 June 2021

On 1 June the Aga Khan Academy Maputo commemorated Mozambican Children's Day with a special assembly for Junior and Senior School students and teachers. 

This international day, also known as Children's Day, is held annually on 1 June in Mozambique to honour children and promote children's rights in Mozambique and around the world. This could be seen at AKA Maputo through a special school-wide assembly where Senior School students addressed their Junior and Senior School peers and teachers on the purpose of the day, the need to promote international togetherness, spread awareness about the significance of this day for children worldwide, while also emphasising the importance of all children's welfare. 

Junior School students took part in this international day by exploring different acts and resolutions created for children by international organisations, such as the United Nations, and created posters on their findings, which were displayed in the library and presented to the teacher and student body during the assembly. 

"As a community, we made a conscious choice to give the day meaning that goes beyond having a party or celebration," said Junior School Principal Maike Silver.