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Meet Vincent Evanno

09 November 2022

Vincent Armand André Evannowas was raised in France, and he is the new dean of studies at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo. With around 20 years of teaching experience, Vincent has held executive positions in numerous educational institutions in Europe, Asia and Africa.   

"I want to use education to nurture students at the Academy in order for them to develop their individuality,” Vincent said.  

Vincent also does assessment and licensing visits for schools while working with the International Baccalaureate (IB), teaching instructors and programme directors. Four years ago, in Tete, Mozambique, Vincent served as the principal of Benga Riverside International School. Vincent holds a Master of Science and a PhD in mathematics from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, as well as a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer sciences, all from the University of Western Brittany in France. He is currently finishing his Master of Arts in education (leadership and management) degree at the University of Derby in the UK. 

When asked why he joined the Academy, Vincent said he admires the Aga Khan Academies’ mission and vision.  

"I joined the Aga Khan AcademMaputo because I share the Academy’s philosophy, beliefs and mission,” Vincent said. "Making a real difference in a community of schools throughout the world is a special talent. I'm looking forward to celebrating this new journey. Together, we can help our future leaders and caregivers by working with the larger school community.  

Vincent enjoys working with a fantastic team at the Academy in Maputo and the potential for the school to grow. Finally, he is a proud father to four kids, all of whom take an interest in volunteering.