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Meet Ted Simukanga

08 October 2021

Originally from Zambia, Ted Simukanga is the Aga Khan Academy Maputo’s new Middle Years Programme (MYP) design teacher and Diploma Programme (DP) biology teacher. Ted brings with him 20 years of experience from Zambia, South Africa, Myanmar and South Korea where he taught MYP design and DP biology, as well as worked as a consultant in subjects such as design, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology   

My role as a leader and teacher in education is to teach inquiry and problem-solving using design thinking,” Ted said. This approach is consistent with the mission and vision of the Aga Khan Academies  preparing students to create a positive impact in their societies. 

Aligning with the mission and vision of AKA Maputo, Ted said his purpose is to facilitate learning and provide a platform for students to apply what they learn and respond to real life needs and challenges with creative solutions that impacts our community positively. 

Through his position, Ted hopes to further develop, establish and administer the DP biology curriculum so that the Academy’s first enrolment of the DP will have an excellent offering that meets all the International Baccalaureate’s DP biology curriculum standards. Ted also aims to establish a centre for creativity and innovation at the Academy, beginning with the MYP design space.  

“Through this, I want to ignite interest in design thinking and encourage teachers to take on a more applied approach to teaching and learning through the use of meaningful project ideas,” Ted said.    

Ted’s favourite part of the AKA Maputo thus far is its vision and mission, as he says these elements have the real potential to stimulate positive change in Mozambican communities. 

Being part of the AKA Maputo is a rare opportunity to experience real transformation in the lives of students, families and communities,” Ted said. The blend of students from different social and economic backgrounds is my favourite part of the Academy and what I believe makes us unique. We are a living organisation that can grow into an exemplary institute in the region.