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Meet Josephine Odiambo, English language and literature teacher

18 March 2024

Hailing from Kenya, Josephine Odiambo’s teaching career took her to Rwanda, where she worked at the Green Hills Academy 10 years before joining the Aga Khan Academy Maputo.

Currently in her first year of teaching at the Academy, Josephine hopes to inspire a love for English language and literature in her Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme classes, as well as to promote critical thinking in a supportive, interactive and engaging learning environment. 

She also aspires to empower all students to pursue their academic goals through personal goal-setting initiatives and setting high standards of excellence.

“I would like to cultivate a classroom environment where my students embody the Aga Khan Academies Learner Profile while maintaining the core principle that excellence is expected,” Josephine said.

Her favourite aspects of the Academy are the warm and friendly atmosphere, welcoming community, the beautiful campus and the abundance of culture.