Meet Edna Phulchand Margarido | Aga Khan Academies

Meet Edna Phulchand Margarido

18 August 2021

Edna Phulchand Margarido was born in Mozambique and is the Aga Khan Academy Maputo’s new Early Year’s coordinator, who will also be a Kindergarten 1 and 2 teacher and a dorm parent in the Academy’s residential programme 

Prior to joining the Academy, Edna worked at the Canadian Montessori Academy for two years and at the Little Footprints Preschool for six years, both in Mozambique. Edna shares a great passion for all things well-being. “I am an advocate for our environment. I have been involved in social-humanitarian projects to promote the well-being of women, youth and children,” Edna said. 

As the Early Years coordinator, Edna hopes to lead her team into delivering greater student-centred, play-based focus engagement, especially now during the pandemic. As a dorm parent, she hopes to continue building a sense of community that roots all cultures and helps promote her students’ wellbeing and success. Edna said she mostly enjoys the Academy’s culture.  

“From admin to faculty staff altogether, each individual brings a special characteristic to our ethos,” Edna said. “We are like a jigsaw puzzle coming together to live and make the same dream happen.”