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Meet Dorcas Muianga

11 October 2021

Originally from Pemba, Mozambique and with eight years of experience, Dorcas Helena Muianga Comé is the Aga Khan Academy Maputo's new Middle Years Programme French langauge teacher and Service as Action Coordinator. 

Dorcas aims to make a positive difference in the lives of her students through her current position. “I want to create a positive learning environment where my students feel safe to learn and share ideas,” Dorcas said.

In addition, Dorcas also seeks to create a passion and love for languages, particularly the French language. “I want stimulate interest for the French culture in general, not only for the language itself,” Dorcas said.   

To uphold the vision and mission of the AKA Maputo, Dorcas said she will be a positive influence in her community as well as will provide support, guidance and a love for learning amongst her students.   

I believe teachers are the most powerful role models, and I am always aware of the incredible obligation I have to ‘do as I say’ with my students,” Dorcas said. I will treat everyone with dignity and respect, and trust that my students will do the same by learning from example.”  

Dorcas said her favourite part of the Academy is working with her students to help foster educational opportunities for them and, ultimately, career opportunities that will empower the students to become active members in our global society.  

“It is also great to have so many peers with similar ideas and to share these across completely different subject areas,” Dorcas said.