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May the best mango win

30 December 2019

Parents and students came together on a hot November day to compete in two events: the Mango Challenge and Masterchef Competition. A number of tasty treats and dishes were presented following which winners were awarded trophies and certificates.

Mango Challenge

As the mercury rose on the 30 November 2019, so did the competitive tension as a number of students and parents came together in what has become an annual competitive event. 

Students from Kindergarten to Year 9 brought pre-cooked dishes ranging from desserts, chutneys, and savoury snacks. The dishes were judged based on presentation by Head of Academy Michael Spencer and Principal of Aga Khan Academy Maputo Maike Silver. Whereas attendees of the event judged the food based on taste. 

Mahek Nayani Year 5 emerged as the winner based on presentation while Gabriela Martins Year 3 was announced as the winner based on tastes. 

The runner-up students for the Mango Challenge included:

Angel Hemnani (Year 5) — Runner-up for presentation.

Alnaaz Rupani (Year 5) — Runner-up for presentation.

Kiko Vilanculos (Year 7) — Runner-up for presentation.

Cassandra Mostert (Year 2) — Runner-up for taste.

Shayaan Khoja (Year 5) — Runner-up for taste.

Masterchef Competition

This year, a new component was added to what has now become a tasty tradition at the Academy. A Masterchef Competition where all four houses competed for the award of the best dish. 

Students came together in teams with parental assistant to prepare sweet and savoury dishes from mangoes sourced from trees at the Academy. 

After 30 minutes of prep time, students presented an array of dishes which were judged based on taste and presentation by Michael and Maike. 

After careful consideration, the brother-sister duo of Ahana (Year 2) and Atharv Gandhi (Year 5) from the red house were declared the winners. Assisted by their father Jai, the team won for their preparation of a mango mousse and mango lemonade which they felt would be refreshing on a hot sunny day.

Given that this tradition is here to stay, the Academy hopes to put together a cookbook with recipes of all the dishes brought forth during both competitions.