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Machel Fidus Association students visit Academy

17 May 2022

From 9-11 May, six students from the Machel Fidus Association (MFA) – a nonprofit organisation in Mozambique aimed at developing small ecosystems of sustainable development, based on the education of children and teenagers – visited and stayed at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo. During their visit, the students interacted with students and teachers, and had the opportunity to learn about visual arts, public speaking and much more. 

The MFA students, who came from the Gaza province of Mozambique, were paired with Academy students during their time at the Academy. Within the first three days the students participated in workshops focusing on enhancing their public speaking skills, whilst also sitting in on some classes such as design, visual arts and Portuguese in which they learned how to design a website, make ceramics and develop their language skills, respectively. During their stay, the MFA students stayed in the residences at the Academy where they were welcomed by the students and staff, and joined a large family dinner in the Commons that was led by the students. After their time at the Academy, the MFA students and two Academy students took part in additional workshops that were held off campus, which focused on career advice, etiquette training and developing business skills. 

Eunica Beatriz, MFA'S executive project manager, said this student exchange programme "was a wonderful education journey for the students with their immersion into the Aga Khan Academy Maputo." One of the MFA students, Madina, also commented on her experience at the Academy saying, "this experience was very good and it was the best of my life. I learned a lot and I am sure I came back home with a baggage of knowledge that I will apply in my day to day life, and I will also transmit the knowledge I gained to my colleagues who did not have the opportunity to participate in the training. It was really amazing to learn more about art because I really like art and in the classes at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo I felt in my own world, a world where I could dream, imagine and apply it to paper/transfer my imagination to paper. It really was the best experience I could have.”