Grade One explores Forces in Motion | Aga Khan Academies

Grade One explores Forces in Motion

15 March 2016

Here are some photos showing our learning through the unit “How the World Works”. The central idea was ‘People use their understanding of forces to solve problems’. 

The summative assessment required the children to design and create a model that they could move using a force they had learnt about through the unit and then describe how the model moved, what problem it was solving and identify factors such as friction that could change the movement The children had to use the scientific model and include a question/hypothesis, carry out the experiment, review the results and then write a conclusion. 

They were able to use resources that included magnets, balloons, string, wheels, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, cola, sandpaper, grease-proof paper, material and various boxes, blocks and vehicles.

Grade One explore motionThese resources had been used through the unit of inquiry during experiments. They used a mixture of forces including chemical force, magnetic force, balloon and air, friction and gravity. 

The children created a wide variety of models that solved problems such as giving a pen to a friend on another table without leaving their seat or sending messages across the class.