Grade 5 students participate in annual PYP exhibition | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 5 students participate in annual PYP exhibition

10 May 2023

On 5 May, Grade 5 students at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo participated in their annual Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition. 

For this year’s exhibition, the students worked together in small groups to design their own inquiry projects relating to the theme, “Water”. With their teachers and mentors, the students researched topics, asked difficult questions and created solutions for global issues. The presentations featured topics on clean water and sanitation, drought and water pollution.  

“I learnt that teamwork is important, and together we can bring solutions to common problems around the world,” said Grade 5 student Shayden Chirindza.  

As part of the PYP curriculum, this exhibition is a culmination of the students’ learning, combining all the skills, strengths and techniques they have developed in the PYP by exploring global challenges from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

This year’s exhibition was attended by three local public schools near the Academy, the American International School in Mozambique, parents, teachers and students.   

“The PYP Exhibition is the best way to help our students identify and find solutions to the problems the world, and Mozambique specifically, is facing now,” said Grade 5 Teacher Lázaro Muhwati. “It was also the first time that we invited local public schools, which I believe was a great opportunity for the students to share their experiences and findings with the local communities.”  

The Aga Khan Academy Maputo is proud of its students for participating in this year’s PYP exhibition and taking action based on their learning. Through its curriculum, the Academy aims to encourage students to become productive, insightful, responsible and compassionate citizens in a rapidly changing global society.