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Geology rocks!

11 February 2020

On Friday, 7 February 2020, the students from Grade 6 visited the Museum of Geology in Maputo. This field trip was organised to build on students’ knowledge of rock formations that they first encountered during their Integrated Humanities lessons. 

Visiting this 80 year old national institution shed light on the rich geological history of Mozambique. Seeing and interacting with artefacts in the museum enabled the students to gauge the mineral and topographical wealth of the country.

One student, Emma Raposo, commented how she appreciated the visual representation of major geological milestones. She pointed out, “They started right at the beginning of time and showed how the continents migrated and separated into the seven continents that we have today.”

Accompanied by Rebecca Nichols, Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator and Filimao Machava, Lab Technician, the 16 students were given a piece of carbon to bring back to the Academy. This has now been added to their existing collection of rocks in the Geology exhibition in Room 4.

The trip to the Museum of Geology received positive feedback from the children with some students like Zakwysha Gonçalves sharing that it was an interesting experience while Alvarez Merchant told his tutors that it was “..the best field trip ever.”

Receiving rave reviews from the Grade 6 class prompted Rebecca to point out the benefits of learning activities off campus. 

“I believe that enabling students to apply learning to real-world contexts encourages them to think deeply about all sorts of ideas and issues.  Visiting the amazing Geological Museum enabled them to apply their classroom-based knowledge and understanding. They were stunned by how rich and diverse Mozambique's landscape is,” she explained.