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Focus on language development / Foco no desenvolvimento da língua

20 November 2017

Professional development for all staff

Language consultant Eowyn Crisfield joined us for three days this month to continue our focus on using a translanguaging approach to develop our students’ language skills.

Eowyn talks about translanguaging as follows:

"Translanguaging pedagogy is of growing interest in both national and international schools, as it allows multilingual students to use all their language competency for learning and language development. Research consistently shows a strong link between competence in the home language (often called mother tongue) and success in learning a new school language. Translanguaging provides a framework for schools to integrate this into their teaching."

Teachers and teaching assistants spent time in sessions about bilingualism, choosing and integrating appropriate language functions into lessons and planning for upcoming units. Follow up Skype calls with Eowyn over the coming months will allow for reflection and discussion of classroom practice.


Desenvolvimento Profissional para todos os Professores

A Eowyn Crisfield esteve connosco durante três dias para continuar o trabalho na abordagem translingual no desenvolvimento da aprendizagem da língua dos alunos. Os professores e os assistentes de ensino participaram em sessões sobre o bilinguismo, a escolha das funções linguísticas apropriadas à aula e a planificação das próximas unidades. Irão decorrer nos próximos meses chamadas via Skype com a Eowyn permitindo a reflexão e a discussão da prática na sala de aula.