Early Years students learn about Inquiry with Zeezee the Wizard | Aga Khan Academies

Early Years students learn about Inquiry with Zeezee the Wizard

18 November 2020

While the Junior School and Senior School students at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo have resumed in-person learning, the Early Years students continue online learning, but with an exciting twist. 

Zeezee the Wizard, a fictional character played by Early Years teacher Lutfiya Mamadsafoeva, was created by the Early Years teachers to make online learning fun and exciting for their students. According to the Early Years teachers, Zeezee lives in Ziggety-Zaggety land with her froggy Zoggy. In her magical adventures with potions, Zeezee begins to understand and explore living things around her. During one adventure, however, one of Zeezee's potions went wrong and things around her home became alive. This was confusing for Zeezee as she did not know what objects were meant to be animate and inanimate, so she requested help from the Early Years students to sort everything out. On another adventure, Zeezee was washing her magic cauldron and dumped all of its remaining contents into the forest. This caused the animals in the forest to get upset with Zeezee, but she did not understand why. Luckily, the Early Years students were there to help Zeezee and explain to her how all animals and plants are connected, and by putting waste in the forest, Zeezee was ruining the animals' homes.

"Zeezee is an Inquirer, one of the attributes of the Aga Khan Academies Learner Profile, who is always asking questions and counting on the Early Years students to help her learn more about the world around her," said Edna Margarido, one of the Early Years teachers. "As teachers, we decided to create this character to help our students explore the unit we are working on, which is Inquiry. We use Zeezee to instill wonder in our students, hoping that just like Zeezee, our students can also pursue their own journey on learning more about the living things and the world around them." 

We cannot wait to see what other adventures Zeezee and our Early Years students go on next time!