DP Visual Arts Exhibition | Aga Khan Academies

DP Visual Arts Exhibition

13 March 2023

On 6 March, the Aga Khan Academy Maputo organised its first-ever Diploma Programme (DP) Visual Arts Exhibition at the Academy for its students, staff and parents. 

The exhibition is part of the International Baccalaureate's (IB) DP2 visual arts curriculum, in which the students are assessed on their visual arts projects that, according to the IB, "show evidence of their technical accomplishment during the visual arts course and an understanding of the use of materials, ideas and practices appropriate to visual communication." This exhibition encourages students to showcase their creative skills, demonstrate their artistic growth, share their unique perspectives and communicate their ideas through art.

During the exhibition, parents, students and staff members walked around to each student's projects and listened to the students discuss their work and the reasoning behind it. The themes for the artworks varied from mental health to divisions in society. 

“The theme for my exhibition is activism through art," said DP2 student Luana Abreu. "I explore different perspectives of issues in life, including depression and racism, and how art helps to express these feelings.”