Deltino Guerreiro visits AKA Maputo | Aga Khan Academies

Deltino Guerreiro visits AKA Maputo

20 June 2019

On June 18th, the Aga Khan Academy had a pleasure of hosting Deltino Guerreiro, a renowned Mozambican musician on the campus.

Received by our MYP students and teachers, Deltino came to talk to our students about their inspirations and achievements in life. After his visit to the Academy facilities, Deltino had an interactive session with students which allowed them to learn more about his journey from childhood to date. Students could learn how he used his inspirations to build his career and they can do the same in any field by putting in efforts and hardwork.

After the session, students also had opportunity to showcase their musical talents to Deltino. He appreciated their efforts wholeheartedly and performed two of his favorite songs for students, leaving them inspired and motivated.

He made this day a memorable one for the Academy. Thank you, Deltino!