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Commencement of Diploma Programme at AKA Maputo

11 August 2021

The Aga Khan Academy Maputo is pleased to announce the commencement of the Diploma Programme (DP) for its new academic year. This programme, which is a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum offered at AKA Maputo, will welcome 18 students and will take place for two years.  

In preparation for the programme, the DP students’ Middle Years Programme (MYP) results from the previous year were used to review the students DP subject choices and university aspirations.  This was done to guarantee that the students are matched to the right DP subjects for optimum success in the programme and beyond. 

The Academy also welcomed its new DP coordinator, Mrs Morag Makey. In order to achieve success in the DP, Mrs Makey expects students to be independent learners who are able to manage their time effectively.  

“Meeting deadlines is the key to academic success but also to well-being, which can be the greatest challenge for DP students,” Mrs Makey said. “Students will have to be organised, on time and regularly reinforce and revise concepts in order to prepare steadily for success in the final exams.” 

The Academy’s first group of DP students expressed their feelings on the commencement of this programmeAadil Sorathia, a DP1 student, said he feels confident about how he will perform in the DP. “During the MYP, I had the mindset of stressing about my grades,” Aadil said. “But after getting the results, I am now confident that I qualify for the DP.” 

The DP students also shared what they most enjoy about the DP thus far. “I like that I can choose what I’m best at and I can choose the subjects that I know I’ll get a high mark for,” said DP1 student Luana Abril.  

Rosário Francisco, another DP1 student, said he most enjoys how the DP allows the students to have higher-level conversations with their teachers. Because our teachers expect us to communicate more, we can create better bonds with them in the DP,” Rosário said. “We now have more one-on-one communication with teachers.” 

Mrs Makey said she is most looking forward to supporting, encouraging and motivating AKA Maputo’s first DP class to progress towards their own learning and life goals.  

“This is very personal to each student and is not necessarily defined by a final IB score,” Mrs Makey said. “I look forward to seeing where this two-year journey takes them and learning from my experience of being here at the Academy.”