Celebrating friendship and the tradition of Marrabenta | Aga Khan Academies

Celebrating friendship and the tradition of Marrabenta

17 February 2020


14 February, 2020 was an eventful day at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo. Sat beneath sun and shade, students and teachers marked what we called ‘Friendship Day’ with a picnic and a special event to honour the beautiful Mozambican dance tradition of Marrabenta.

The Friendship Day celebration saw children from the Primary Years and Middle Years Programme gather to celebrate the values of sharing, caring and working together. It was a day for laughter and fun treats where the whole Academy joined in with all its marvellous diversity.

Later that afternoon, there was a special event to celebrate the beautiful Mozambican dance tradition of Marrabenta. The month of February usually sees a number of events that pay a tribute to the tradition all around the country. 

At the Academy, students of the Primary Years Programme had been learning about the history of Marrabenta and its importance to Mozambican culture throughout the week. Clad in capulana with water bottles in hand, students first assembled for some warm up games from across the board.The games were followed by an inter-house dance contest where students busted out their best Marrabenta moves in front of live music played by their teachers. The children cheered for each of their houses with great gutso where not only students but also teachers put to test their Marrabenta moves.

Samira Faruq (Grade 2) shared, “I love Marrabenta and dance to it a lot at home. But today I enjoyed a lot more because I got to dance at school with my friends.”

The Academy’s music teacher, Messia Chale was thrilled to see children enjoying the nearly 70-year old tradition. “In a time of hip-hop and contemporary music, it gives me great pride to see that Marrabenta is being enjoyed by generation after generation with so much passion.”

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