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Budding Gourmet Cooks in Grade 1

19 January 2016

First you have to mixAs part of the unit on food we were lucky enough to be invited to ‘Mundos’ to make real pizza.

Then you have to kneadGrade 1 proved to be a class full of budding gourmet cooks! We learned all about the changes ingredients go through and how ingredients change once cooked.

Then we cooked it and ate it!To further understand the concept of how ingredients change according to temperature, we then made ice cream. As part of our assessment, we also made lemony lemonade which we served from our shop to the rest of the school.

Mmmmmmm pizza!We transformed milk, cream and eggs into ice cream!Come and try our lemony lemonade. We advertised it, made it and shared it!We really enjoyed this unit and truly understood the central idea that humans are dependent on the ability to supply and produce food.