Becoming scientists in JS assembly | Aga Khan Academies

Becoming scientists in JS assembly

19 March 2021

Junior School students at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo became scientists for their virtual assembly on Friday, 19 March 2021. 

In preparation for the assembly, the Primary Years Programme students were tasked to submit a video of them doing a science experiment at home with an explanation of their experiment. During the assembly, the students' videos were shown to their peers and teachers. 

The students also participated in a game in which different scientific experiments were shown and the students had to vote by standing or sitting if the reaction of the experiment would explode or produce bubbles, respectively. 

Two live experiments were done during the assembly as well. One experiment explored the reactionary elements of combing Diet Coke with Mentos, with the second experiment involving a water jug, paper towel roll and a lemon. Throughout the experiments, the JS students were exemplifying their Aga Khan Academies Learner Profile attribute of being Inquirers by asking questions on what reactions would be produced and why. 

The assembly concluded with a book reading on how to be a scientist.