Africa Day 2022 | Aga Khan Academies

Africa Day 2022

25 May 2022

On Wednesday, 25 May the Junior School students and staff at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo celebrated Africa Day, a much loved and joyous tradition for all at the Academy. 

The campus was filled with Junior School students and staff dressed in beautiful capulana outfits as all the students participated in a special assembly after they recited the national anthem. The assembly started off with a quiz testing the students' knowledge on Africa, which was then followed by a special song presented by the Academy's Early Years programme students. Dance performances in different African languages took places as well, with each class also presenting mini presentations about the African countries they studied in their classrooms. 

"Today's celebration was underpinned by a message to achieve greater unity between African countries and to appreciate and honour Africa and its people," Junior School Principal Maike Silver said. 

Celebrations for Africa Day continued all day and was concluded by a special parade for the students, in which they sang songs in different languages, such as Xhosa, a language spoken in South Africa.