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University Counselling

The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka’s counselling programme offers students a vast array of resources designed to help them find good matches between themselves and universities/colleges. These resources include a dynamic and well-resourced college counsellor, a wealth of printed, video and online tools, and a series of informational workshops and seminars on topics central to the college discovery process.

Our counsellors engage students in individual conferences that are designed to help students reach a greater awareness of who they are. Armed with the well-articulated sense of self, students are prepared to find universities or colleges that are the best fit. Ours is a student-centred approach, and we believe that the likelihood of satisfaction with their choices is enhanced when students are empowered to 'own' the process. Also key to success is good communication among all parties: students, parents and college counsellors. While outcomes are important, it is the process of self-discovery and college-discovery on which our programme focuses.

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