TPP cohort returns to AKA Dhaka after internship | Aga Khan Academies

TPP cohort returns to AKA Dhaka after internship

01 June 2023

The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka welcomed its first cohort of the Teacher Preparation Programme (TPP) on 29 May, as they returned from their internship at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad. The cohort was greeted by Head of Academy Bill O’Hearn, visiting teacher coaches and the academic and administrative leadership team. The event was hosted at the Academy’s Professional Development Centre training room. It began a new phase for the TPP cohort as they prepared to engage with staff and students at the Academy in Dhaka.

In his welcoming speech, Mr Bill thanked the TPP cohort for their efforts throughout the fellowship at AKA Hyderabad. He also highlighted the importance of the experience they gained during the fellowship and the contributions they will make to the Academy in Dhaka.

A highlight of the event was a video message projected in the room from the TPP Coordinator of the Aga Khan Academies Mr Tom Abuto, who expressed his confidence in the abilities of the cohort as educators to make a lasting impact at the Academy in Dhaka.

Members of the TPP cohort took the opportunity to share their experiences, expressing their excitement about finally being able to interact with students at AKA Dhaka. They extended their gratitude to everyone who supported them throughout the journey, recognising the assistance and guidance they received.

“My takeaway from this journey is what I have learnt from my students,” said one of the TPP interns Rokaiya Ahmed. “They taught me how to be resilient, be more patient and what joy it is to be in a class full of students.”

A special video presentation showcased the journey of the TPP cohort, reflecting on their growth from the beginning to the end of the programme. The video also featured messages of support and best wishes from students at the Academy in Hyderabad as well as a buddy teacher of the cohort.