Teacher coaches visit the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka  | Aga Khan Academies

Teacher coaches visit the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka 

25 November 2022

From 6-24 November, teacher coaches from the Aga Khan Academies Network visited the Academy in Dhaka to observe classes and guide faculty members on the best pedagogical practices. These coaches, which included Ms Antoinette Blain, Ms Natasha Haqueand Ms Vani Vishwanath, are specialised in specific subjects and work with teachers across the Academies to enhance their teaching and encourage opportunities for collaboration across the network.  

Ms Antoinette worked closely with the Academy’s visual arts, drama and music teachers on their lesson plans and provided constructive feedback. Ms Natasha and Ms Vani worked with all faculty members to improve their teaching methods and techniques. They also conducted interactive sessions with the teachers, with Ms Natasha focusing on approaches to learning strategies to build students’ skills and Ms Vani facilitating inquiry in mathematics.  

Dean of Studies Ms Mou Maiti highlighted the significance of the teacher coaches’ visit and their interaction with the faculty members of the Academy.

“The teacher coaches had a great impact on the teachers,” Ms Mou said. “They made the teachers intuitively think about the best teaching and learning practices and apply those in their respective classrooms.”

Ms Vani expressed her gratitude to the faculty members and students for making her feel at home.

“I am thankful to the fantastic teachers and students of the Academy,” Ms Vani said. “I already feel like I have known them all for a long time!