Residential students take over Organic Farm on campus | Aga Khan Academies

Residential students take over Organic Farm on campus

06 June 2020

Monsoon is on the way and thus this makes it the right time to plough the land for farming.  At present DP 1 students Afthikar & Salman are taking ownership of the organic farming project and are engaging 20 other students on campus. This project’s ground work has started, students are planning to plant 30 banana trees, 30 papaya tress and 10 mango trees alongside the perimeter of the farm and students will start working on the field by 10th June 2020.

They are also planning to grow varieties of vegetables and herbs. They are looking forward to a great harvest alongside a valuable learning experience.

In the context of education, the Academy believes that it is important to integrate academic teachings with work-readiness, life-skills and mental resourcefulness– when combined, will help at crafting a holistic learning environment. As a matter of fact, farming is just one of the many opportunities for our students to learn many valuable life lessons through hands-on learning.