PYP students learn the history of International Mother Language Day | Aga Khan Academies

PYP students learn the history of International Mother Language Day

08 February 2023

Students of Grade 4 and 5 gathered at the Academy’s amphitheatre to learn the history of the International Mother Language Day.

As part of their enrichments programme, the students recited poems on the sacrifices made by the language martyrs of Bangladesh. During the session, Ms Nadia Tazrin Chowdhury, one of the Grade 4 homeroom teachers, shed light on how people laid down their lives to retain the right to speak in Bangla, their mother tongue, on 21 February 1952. She also emphasised that no other country has sacrificed lives for its national language. As a result, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization recognised the day as International Mother language Day in 1999.

“To love your language and your country, you should know the history of this special day,” Ms Nadia said. “I encourage my students to effectively learn and correctly practice their mother tongue through my sessions.”

The students were greatly moved by the story and realised the speciality of this unique occasion.

“I enjoyed learning about the history of the Bangla language as a mother tongue and the significance of International Mother Langauge Day,” said Grade 4 student Sheza Sohany. “It was very meaningful.”