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PYP students celebrate the completion of first unit of inquiry

12 October 2022

On 2 October 2022, the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) students celebrated the completion of their first unit of inquiry.   

As part of this celebration, all PYP parents were invited to the Academy to see their children showcase their learning outcomes by displaying the concepts, knowledge, skills, dispositions and actions relevant to their respective first unit of inquiry. Parents got an opportunity to see what happens in a PYP classroom and participated in inquiry-based activities in different stations.   

Grade 1 students presented tips to save water and the Earth’s most precious resources, while Grade 2 students engaged with the parents in interactive quiz sessions on how we express ourselves. The students in Grade 3 presented the impacts of bullying and the importance of health and wellness.

In Grade 4, the students demonstrated their knowledge of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources by creating models of sustainable cities that employ various energy sources to reduce carbon emissions. The students were overjoyed to demonstrate their creative and critical thinking skills in addressing this global issue and presenting their understanding to their parents.  

“I enjoyed making this model with my friends because we could create a windmill and water dam to show different sources of energy,” said Grade 4 student Nayab Salim Charania.   

The presence of parents in the classroom also boosted the students' confidence, as they were pleased with the students' projects.   

"The city that these students are planning for future Bangladesh will benefit not only the local citizens but also the global climate," said Fahmida Sharmeen Rahman, a parent of a Grade 4 student who attended the celebration at the Academy.   

Lastly, the Grade 5 students talked about finding authentic sources of information and the impact of media on our lives.   

Ms Tanjina Hossain, the PYP Coordinator, emphasised the importance of the event and how collaborative work and the exchange of ideas impact the holistic development of the students.   

“This was a great opportunity for the teachers and students to showcase their learning to the parents,” said Ms Tanjina. “Working together and sharing ideas is the best way for students to develop holistically.”