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MYP students take part in the interclass tournament

01 January 2023

On 19 December 2022, Grade 6 and 7 students participated in the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka’s interclass basketball and football tournament. The objective of the contest was to foster team collaboration and help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

At the beginning of the tournament, students were given the option to choose their preferred sport and teams were formed by the physical and health education teachers accordingly. All the contestants were divided into team orange and team blue. The excitement was high as the teams took on each other in highly competitive matches.

After impressive performances by all the participants, the orange team won the basketball tournament and the blue team won the football tournament. The victories were met with cheers and applause from the students and teachers on the sidelines.

The students participated with great enthusiasm and wholeheartedly enjoyed the games.

“The tournament was excellent; I was highly motivated to perform well,” said Grade 6 student Nashra Hassan. “My teammates were amazing; we had a great time!”

Lead Physical and Health Education Teacher Mr Amit Ahire highlighted the significance of competitive sports.

“Competitive sports like football and basketball encourage students to set high standards,” Mr Amit said. “Students also learn the importance of team building and perseverance.”