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Mock MUN session held at the Academy

10 October 2023

Students, as part of the Model United Nations (MUN) at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, held a mock session on 8 October, in which they discussed recent diplomatic crises worldwide.  

During the session, the Senior School students – who serve as members of the MUN assembly – addressed various international conflicts while also finding peaceful resolutions to the conflicts. While presenting their perceptions about the world’s current affairs through brief speeches, they referred to renowned diplomats and replicated practices of the United Nations. Activities like these allow students to become more aware and knowledgeable about international events while enhancing their critical thinking skills about global policymaking.  

One of the critical resolutions that came out of the mock session was that the disarmament of nuclear weapons to avoid mass casualty should be signed by all to minimise the adversity of war. Passionate persuasion went on for an hour to convince the audience about their propositions, as they were sharpening their negotiation skills.      

A Middle Years Programme student expressed her passion for diplomacy and international relations while participating in the session.

"It was fun," the student said. "We assumed ourselves as world leaders, and we even felt like them, at least for the time being. At times, I felt responsible, assuming to have the power of resolution. The MUN inspires me to become a world leader one day.”