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Meet Karim Nathu, head of finance

17 June 2022

Karim Nathu was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is the head of finance at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka. Karim was a long-standing employee of the Aga Khan Education Service, Bangladesh since 2003.  

Through his position, Karim stated that he aspires to achieve the mission and vision of the Aga Khan Academies by ensuring our young future leaders have access to the best learning materials at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka through effective budgeting and planning processes for all resources. 

“This is a special year for all of us and the most important accomplishment this year would be the successful start of the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka,” Karim said. “In my position as the head of finance, I would certainly like to encourage a practice within the management team to maintain financial discipline in all the operations of the Academy.” 

Karim said he is excited about the Maidan and the future sporting events it will host.  

"The gorgeous Maidan is the most exciting and my absolute favourite place at the Academy," Karim added. “I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing our students smash sixes during their cricket tournaments in front of a cheering packed house here."