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Meet Anjuman Ara, Grade 5 homeroom teacher

17 October 2022

Anjuman Ara was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is one of the Grade 5 homeroom teachers at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka. Anjuman started teaching early in her career and joined The Aga Khan School, Dhaka (AKS, D) in 2005. Before joining AKS, D, Anjuman taught in several English medium schools around Dhaka.   

Anjuman aspires to achieve the mission and vision of the Aga Khan Academies by providing quality education in the classrooms so that the students can access the best learning environment at the Academy. 

“I am committed to nurturing young learners from all backgrounds and equipping them with the potential to become effective, and ethical leaders of Bangladesh,” Anjuman said. “That is why I constantly train my students to develop interpersonal and communication skills.”  

Having colleagues from diverse cultures and different parts of the world fascinates Anjuman the most about the Academy.  

“I thoroughly enjoy interacting and learning from my colleagues of different cultures,” Anjuman said. “We share knowledge and ideas, which enhances collaboration and creativity, making the Academy an incredible workplace.”