Learning about innovations at DERA Resort | Aga Khan Academies

Learning about innovations at DERA Resort

16 March 2024

Grade 5 students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka embarked on a two-day field trip to DERA Resort in Manikganj as part of their learning unit on innovation.  

The unit’s central idea focuses on global technological advancements through innovation, looking at ways new creations can support the ever-changing world. The trip covered this, as well as several important topics such as planning sustainable actions based on the concept of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), the eco-friendly aspects of technology and developing self-management and social skills. 

The students had thrilling experiences while participating in an obstacle course, using their teamwork and critical thinking skills to cross the hurdles. They then spent time brainstorming how to invent and design an eco-friendly playing area for the Early Years students at the Academy based on the obstacle course.  

“The obstacle course reminded me of my childhood," said Ms Tanjina Hossain, the Academy’s Primary Years Programme coordinator. “The exhilarating journey with teammates never fails to teach students about using their critical thinking skills to solve problems.”          

Whilst developing their understanding on sustainability in inventions and activities, the trip also gave students the opportunity to develop self-management skills like mindfulness, punctuality, perseverance and resilience. These skills were applied through team activities such as zip lining, hiking, water sports and more. Moreover, they took part in survival training, learning how to make fire and some basic cooking skills they can use during an emergency. Overall, the activities were captivating and exciting for the students.  

“My son never wanted to join the school’s camping programme when we lived in Canada,” said Karima Salim Jivani, parent of a Grade 5 student. “Now, I am surprised to see his eagerness and how much he has enjoyed this expedition.” 

After the expedition, the students used their creative writing skills to reflect on their experiences. 

“This was the best experience of my life,” said Mohd Ilhaam Ul Haque, a Grade 5 student. “I learnt to be more accepting towards my friends and overcame the challenges we faced using my social skills.’