KG students learn how the world works | Aga Khan Academies

KG students learn how the world works

26 January 2024

KG students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka recently started their third unit under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How the world works’. Through this unit, the students explored how the weather and seasonal changes affect everyday life.  

To develop their understanding of the seasons and what they compromise, the students strolled the campus and observed nature and how the weather felt. As they explored with their inquisitive minds, the young learners wondered about the blowing wind under the timid sun covered with fog.  

“We are feeling cold because the wind and the sun have hidden behind the cold smoke,” said Marwan Ahmed Khan, a KG3 student discovering the shivering winter fog.   

Ayaan Jivani, a KG2 student, was surprised about how the weather changes within a day. 

“I had no idea about the weather changing from morning to noon,” Ayaan said.   

“Nature offers countless opportunities for creativity, problem-solving and discovery,” said Tanjina Hossain, the Primary Years Programme coordinator at the Academy in Dhaka. “The hue of the grasses, dried leaves under the trees, morning dew on top of grasses and the fact that everyone is wearing warm clothes to block the cold baffled them.”