Grade 9 students take part in thematic art exhibition | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 9 students take part in thematic art exhibition

24 March 2024

Grade 9 students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka embarked on a creative journey of crafting thematic artwork, delving into cultural expression. 

The young artisans were tasked to create narrative pieces of art using various painting mediums depicting historical events in a way that respects and reflects cultural differences. The pieces displayed various moods and attitudes through the lens of cultural diversity. Additionally, the exhibition helped spark discussions and dialogue between the students to develop their understanding of cultural awareness. 

“Creating this artwork helped me in various ways and made me step out of my comfort zone,” said Mayesha Rafiha Islam, a Grade 9 student. “This allowed me to discover more about myself and helped me develop my painting skills. This unit and the projects I worked on have helped me improve in many ways and I look forward to creating more pieces.”  

Some art pieces, such as the grade 9 student Lamisa Reza Sunehra, illustrate recent issues.  

“The artwork I created was an integration between Arab and Bangladeshi cultures on societal beliefs and values on women and marriage,” Lamisa said. “My painting emphasises that this aspect of Arab culture is alike to Bangladeshi, or in general South Asian culture, as the topic of divorce has been labelled as a taboo, and unacted upon even if serious issues arise.”  

The exhibition was fruitful for the students as they learnt about historical events, current issues and diverse cultural practices, and how to express themselves creatively through art.