Grade 8 students have fun with clay modelling   | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 8 students have fun with clay modelling  

15 December 2022

Students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka are having fun with clay in their design class. Ms Tahia Chowdhury, one of the design teachers, ensures this by including hands-on activities using clay modelling. 

The students were seen making pots, pen holders, plates and utensils using recyclable clay. The glimmer of happiness on the students’ faces further showed how creativity makes everything a joyful experience. 

“We learnt how to use natural resources on Earth and learnt more about how clay works,” said Grade 8 student Farhana Mazeesha Khan. 

Ms Tahia believes activities like these encourage students to be creative and inspire them to explore their surroundings with dynamic creations. 

“We feel it is important to nurture creativity and innovation through design,” Ms Tahia said. “It is a wonderful way for the students to learn more about the real world by creating functional items from our daily life.”