Grade 5 students field trip to the Basecamp | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 5 students field trip to the Basecamp

16 February 2023

On 10 February 2023, Grade 5 students of the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka embarked on an exciting field trip to the Basecamp in Gazipur, Dhaka. Head of Academy Bill O’Hearn, Junior School Principal Shatila Reza, Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator Tanjina Hossain and a group of PYP faculty accompanied the students on the trip.

During the trip, students learned about the scientific principles and the application of various simple machines under the theme of "How the World Works". This trip opened a window of possibilities to connect their learning to real-life experiences. Students demonstrated commendable curiosity and enthusiasm when engaging in games and activities like climbing, obstacle courses, and zip line riding with various playing materials. They have also experienced how machines are used to simplify tasks in our everyday life while using pottery wheels and woodworking tools. Students participated in individual and group tasks to hone their critical thinking and self-management skills. Students also learned the value of upholding ethical principles as we use different machines every day.

“Field trip to Basecamp is one of the most interesting parts of this unit,” said Grade 5 student Ahnaf Sadid. "We explored, learnt, reflected and had fun all at the same time."

 PYP Coordinator Tanjina Hossain points out the importance of learning beyond classrooms while connecting to our surroundings.

“Students see the connections between learning in school and the real world when they are not confined within their classroom walls,” Ms Tanjina said. “It was evident throughout the field trip that our students were curious and enthusiastic to investigate the uses of various simple machines. The trip helped Grade 5 students to understand what a simple machine is and how it would help an engineer to build something to make work easier.”