Grade 3 students present powerful unit display on how the world works | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 3 students present powerful unit display on how the world works

08 April 2024

Grade 3 students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka captivated the parents’ community with a thought-provoking unit display on their understanding of “how the world works” on 4 April.  

The unit's central idea, "materials have properties that determine how people use them," was the guiding principle for the students' exploration. Through engaging presentations and activities, the students showcased how they perceived the practical uses of materials, along with their characteristics. 

The display started at the Junior School library, where students presented an overview of the objectives and their learning journey. They then showed the different uses of materials through visual arts and music. 

In the second part of the display, the students participated in touch-and-feel games, hands-on experiments, puzzles and mini art galleries in their classrooms.  

“The students learnt many things about the properties and changes of materials,” said the parents of Grade 3 student, Umayr Ahsan. “Their efforts to explore such prudent knowledge were quite impressive.” 

The students’ insightful presentations featured scientific themes, such as how some materials can act as conductors or insulators. Moreover, they expanded their knowledge of information and communications technology, or ICT, by learning how to create PowerPoint presentations to share their findings.    

"I loved the unit because of its hands-on activities,” said Inaaya Fatima Sayed, a Grade 3 student. “For example, I made a PowerPoint presentation for the unit display and sang a song on how materials change, which I composed myself.” 

Overall, the unit display showcased the students' creativity, efforts and comprehensive understanding of the properties of materials, empowering them to explore and apply their knowledge inside and outside the classroom.