Grade 3 students learn conflict management    | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 3 students learn conflict management   

18 December 2022

Students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka are learning ways to resolve conflicts in their classrooms. Ms Farhana Afroj Khan, one of the homeroom teachers of Grade 3, engaged students in different activities to help them explore various ways to manage their tasks better.  

The students participated in various activities, such as using limited resources to build a model and try to solve a puzzle together. Students were then asked to share their experiences and ways in which they could have worked better together.  

“It was hard to work with limited resources at first, but I learnt a lot about teamwork and problem-solving during the discussion,” said Grade 3 student Zohan Javed.  

Ms Farhana emphasised engaging students in such activities to help with the learning process and connect the topics with their everyday lives.   

“Students will need the ability to resolve conflicts in their daily lives,” Ms Farhana said. “The strategies taught in class will help them be better future leaders.”