Grade 2 students meet architect Rafiq Azam | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 2 students meet architect Rafiq Azam

15 March 2024

On 11 March 2024, Grade 2 students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka participated in an insightful guest speaker session with Mr Rafiq Azam, one of the architects who designed the Academy’s campus. He was accompanied by his colleague and fellow architect, Ms Jannat Jui.  

Mr Rafiq and Ms Jannat conducted the session together, introducing the students to the concept of perspective and the importance of creativity. Both speakers created a welcoming atmosphere for questions and student participation.    

"[The students] know a lot and are inquisitive to learn more,” Mr Rafiq said. “We came here to share a few perceptions with them. However, we have learnt from them as well." 

During the session, Mr Rafiq led an activity with the students to help them learn different directions. Through this activity, the students learnt a trick to identify north, south, east and west without using a device or compass. In addition, the architect shared exciting insights into the architecture of the Academy, such as rainwater harvesting and the connection of the design with ancient Mohavihars.    

"The session was very informative and engaging," said Nubaid Hasan, a Grade 2 student. “I like how local plants are being used to decorate my school.”   

Lastly, Mr Rafiq touched on the importance of blending local culture into the designs of buildings. Using the Academy as an example, he showed the students a few ways in which Bangladeshi values, heritage and traditions exist in their surroundings. He also mentioned how protecting heritage is vital for future generations, who can appreciate the creation of the infrastructure.  

"Students will be able to connect history, geography, local culture and global prospects from such a wonderful session," said the Academy’s Senior School Principal, Ms Fahmida Chowdhury. “The precision and articulation of architecture will inspire the students to reflect the same in their learning.”