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Grade 2 students meet AKS, Dhaka's former head of school

06 September 2023

On 5 September 2023, Ms Fatima J Husein, the former head of school at The Aga Khan School, Dhaka (AKS, D) was welcomed by the Grade 2 students and staff at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka. During her visit, Ms Fatima shared a comprehensive view of the consequences of system failure and our commitment to the community.

While sharing her experience of running the school, she emphasised valuable insights about teamwork, endorsing professional development of AKS, D staff and different systems that kept the standard of education at the school consistent. Students engaged in the session by asking a number of questions and showing their eagerness to learn about the different aspects of operating with effectiveness.

“Ms Fatima showed us how to run a school very well and work as a team with teacher and other staff,” said Grade 2 student Mavisha Tariq. “Just like how we do in our classroom, everyone has to be a team to make sure everything goes right.”

Ms Fatima applauded the students’ keen sense of curiosity and their awareness of the discussed topics.

“The children at the Academy are knowledgeable,” Ms Fatima said. “Throughout the session, they have guided me well.”