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FAQs on higher education

04 December 2023

Last month, the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka organised an informative and resourceful session titled “Pathway to Higher Education” for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) parents, led by University Counsellor Nusrat Sharmin. During the session, Ms Nusrat answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about higher education opportunities in the IB MYP.

What would be the minimum requirements or results to apply to a university in the United States? 

The admission requirements can vary depending on the institution and the university major students want to apply for. For an IB student, a minimum of 24 points in the Diploma Programme exams and completing Senior School through graduation is required.  

What is the MYP eAssessment? 

The MYP eAssessment is an accumulative exam system that marks the completion of the middle school career with external IB validated results. These world-leading and innovative digital evaluations accurately identify students' potential and inform learning, teaching and creative teacher professionalism. 

Can students do an A Level after the MYP? 

All MYP eAssessment subjects are listed in the Register of Regulated Qualifications in England, signifying their recognition as offerings from the IB. This official approval by the government regulator in England ensures that MYP assessments adhere to stringent quality standards, instilling confidence in schools, parents and students. The externally validated results of MYP grades provide a credible alternative to state or national examinations and support university or post-secondary education applications. Upon completing the MYP eAssessments, students can pursue A Levels, the IB Diploma Programme, a High School Diploma, Grade 11 high school, or transition to any other high school programme. 

How do universities recognise the IB MYP certificate?  

Students who successfully finish the IB's comprehensive and well-rounded middle-year course of study can obtain the IB MYP certificate or the IB MYP bilingual certificate. These certifications serve as significant, IB-validated acknowledgements of students' accomplishments in the MYP and their readiness for future academic pursuits. To qualify for the internationally recognised IB MYP certificate, candidates must successfully complete eight eAssessments. 

What are the requirements for a scholarship to attend an undergraduate programme at a university? 

Earning a full scholarship for undergraduate studies is a competitive process but it is possible with careful planning and effort. There are many scholarships available for prospective international undergraduate students. The students must research and consult the university counsellor to explore scholarship opportunities. Luckily, we have a dedicated university counselling office to support students with college applications and research scholarship opportunities. 

How to get scholarships and tuition fee waivers? 

There are many factors to consider when choosing scholarships for international students. Some scholarships are based on financial need and others may prioritise academic merit. Scholarships are available specifically for sports and performing arts and through school nominations. The students at our Academy can avail themselves to a reduced tuition fee from two Canadian universities for their undergraduate studies through our partnerships with them. Students from Grade 10 onwards will have sessions on college applications and scholarship workshops arranged by the university counselling Office to help them produce competitive applications and look for financial aid opportunities.  

When is the right time to start the university selection process? 

Students must take academic performance seriously. This means careful and thorough applications, planned hours of study, a realistic timeline, high standards of work on assignments and projects, and a sincere desire to do the best academic work possible. Students should prepare for college applications from the beginning of MYP-5 or Grade 10. 

What is a personal project in the MYP? 

During their concluding year, MYP students delve into a personal area of interest for an extended duration. This process enables them to solidify their knowledge and cultivate essential skills crucial for continued education and real-world applications. Additionally, it fosters confidence, nurturing students to become principled and lifelong learners.